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TPC can provide clients immediate funds in advance of a sale at auction or a gallery. In such circumstances, the artwork serves as the collateral for the loan. Once sold, proceeds are used to settle the loan. Available at most major and regional auction houses and galleries.


Up to 50%

Convert up to 50% of the work’s fair market value to liquid capital.


1-3 years

Other terms may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Auction Financing

Financing a $3M Multi-auction House Consignment

Client: A fine art collector based in New York City

Referral Source: TPC Art Finance Personal Relationship

Challenge: The collector owned three works of art by modern masters with a combined value of $3M and needed to liquidate these works as soon as possible to cover general living expenses, thus creating a need for an advance. To further complicate the situation, they were consigning the works to three separate auction houses, with proceeds from the various sales taking months to materialize.

Solution: Following our initial meeting, we were able to work with each auction house to process a $1M loan that was funded within two weeks. The client was then able to successfully consign these works while covering their immediate capital needs.


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