2022, An Exciting Look at What’s Ahead

red art painting

We hope your 2022 is already off to a good start and holds promise. We wanted to kick off the year with you and share some of what’s ahead and what we are excited about.

The art world continues to flourish, and the resurgence of highly attended in-person art fairs, auctions and events further propelled the sales and volume we saw during the last year. We expect that demand for art financing will continue to grow, given the uptick we have seen over the last few months. Thank you again for turning to us, for referring us, and for relying on TPC Art Finance for your advisory and lending needs. We are honored to be in a position to empower collectors, galleries, and dealers. We are also now helping estates of living and deceased artists preserve the integrity of their mission and retain important works of art to support and further their presence within the art world and beyond. There are other exciting initiatives brewing at TPCAF, and we will share them with you soon.

As we spring into 2022, we also look forward to strengthening our ongoing relationships with our media partners The Canvas and Baer Faxt; Deloitte; art and finance reporters who look to us for our thoughts; and our new partnership with APAA.

We hope the worst of these pandemic times is now, or at least soon, behind us, and we look forward to a robust and enjoyable 2022. Above all, we are grateful to be an even more integral part of the global art community and to be actively engaging with all of you. We have been in touch with many of you already and look forward to seeing more of you at our next stop – Frieze LA, February-2022.


Joe and Naomi

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